Episode 2: Celebrate July 4 with Star Spangled beer pairings, Jimi Hendrix, and more

July 3, 2017

You've sung it at every school function, heard it at the beginning of every professional baseball, football, hockey and basketball game. Heck, your child might be chosen to sing it at your neighborhood's next swim meet.


The Star Spangled Banner, with its rousing chorus and words of hope and defiance and liberty, defines the United States as no other national anthem could. And yet, how much do you really know about the song - would you believe that the song is in fact ... a cover song? Say it isn' so! 

On this episode of the Music & Booze Power Hour Variety Show we take you behind the Red White and Blue, starting with the war of 1812. From there, we travel forward to Woodstock, 1969, to listen to just how far our national anthem has come. And we end it all with the sweet sounds of one of our most treasured singers belting out his own unique take on it.

We also try to take on the impossible - match up the Star Spangled Banner with what we think are the six most patriotic beers. 

Join us for some national pride and mugs full of cold brew!

Beers mentioned (note - most of these are from the Bay Area, explained further in the podcast):

  • Anchor Brewing Co. Liberty Ale
  • Anchor Brewing Co. Liberty IPA
  • 21st Amendment - Hell or High Watermelon
  • 21st Amendment - Brew Free or Die IPA
  • Samuel Adams - Rebel IPA (from Boston)
  • Green Flash - Sea to Sea lager (from San Diego)

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Official Episode 1: Mead Kitchen interview, Music by Shonen Knife and Naughty by Nature

January 23, 2017

Welcome to the first official episode of the Music and Booze Power Hour Variety Show! Each episode we explore the universal connection we believe exists between music ... and booze. Along the way we're going to meet some new drinking buddies, jam to some awesome tunes, all while enjoying tasty beverages. Music. Booze. Friends. What else does one need?

In this episode we take a trip to Berkeley, California, and visit with the great guys behind the Mead Kitchen. As we taste some fabulous concoctions, Dan Cook, founder, tells us how happenstance had a very important part in his enterprise and has guided him along in his brewing decisions. After several "tastings," we end up pairing their signature drink with a great song by the Japanese trio, Shonen Knife. The song is part of what I think is the greatest compilation album of all time, and share some tracks off of it to prove my point. We next take a trip back in time to New Jersey in the early 1990s and talk about the songs that were sampled in a very influential hip hop song by Naughty by Nature. 
To fully experience this episode, we recommend a full glass of your favorite concotion, a comfy recliner or couch, and headphones that go up to 11.

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For more information on Mead Kitchen, go to www.themeadkitchen.com.

Shonen Knife, Top of the World

Dishwalla, Going to Take Some Time

Johnette Napolitano, Hurting Each Other

Sonic Youth, Superstar

Naughty by Nature, Ghetto Bastard

Boney M, No Woman No Cry

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Pilot Episode 2 - The History of Mead, Vikings, and Led Zeppelin

December 16, 2016

Mead is considered one of the oldest man-made alcoholic beverages - but how was it first discovered? Join us on a journey that starts 10,000 years ago in deepest darkest Africa, and takes us to a European landscape dotted with vikings. From there we take a leap in our time machine to Iceland. And somehow, Led Zeppelin comes in to play. It's all connected, trust us. We also include three mead reviews (and matching songs), peek at the samples used in St. Germain's "Sure Thing," and decide whether a Led Zeppelin tribute/parody band's cover version might be better than the original.

SONGS FEATURED (in order of appearance):






Mini Episode - Buggin’ Out [A Tribute to A Tribe Called Quest]

November 22, 2016

A Tribe Called Quest just released their latest, and last album, We Got It From Here, Thank You for Your Service, and it is a phenomenal, jaw dropping musical tour de force. It was the album Phife Dawg was working on it before he passed, and it's the bands first album in 20 years, and you wouldn't know it by how tightly their latest was produced. You can buy it here.

To commemorate this event, we are replaying an excerpt from our first episode where we traveled to Mumford Brewery in downtown Los Angeles, and find out about one of their beers, Buggin' Out, and how it became their tribute to Phife Dawg and A Tribe Called Quest. It's a short one, but we think worth listening to.

OUTRO SONG: "We, the People," from A Tribe Called Quest, "We Got It From Here, Thank You For Your Service"


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Pilot Episode 1: One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer

October 30, 2016

Do you like good music? Do you like good booze? Well, have we got a podcast for you!

For the next hour, strap on your headphones, turn the volume up to 11, sit back in your favorite comfy chair, fill your cup with your favorite libation, and be ready to be entertained, enlightened, maybe even educated, but most certainly intoxicated as we delve deep into two of life's simplest pleasures.

In this episode you will find upcoming fall and winter festivals, booze reviews - Golden State vodka and Omission beer, a segmend called "Who Sampled Who?," a unique tribute to Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest from a Los Angeles brewery, a segment where we compare and contrast a cover song and its original version, and our main attraction, which we are calling A Pour and a Score: like matching a fine burgundy with a just-seared filet mignon, we pair up booze - beer, wine, cocktails, shots - with what we think is the best matching music. 
Through it all audience participation is encouraged and expected.

Song samples featured this episode:
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You can also call us at (415) 842-2669, or (415) 842-BOOZ and tell us your story, give us your idea on a pairing or a recent cocktail, beer, wine you tasted, and we might feature you on an upcoming episode!

Thanks for listening!

Don Everardo