Music and Booze Power Hour Variety Show

About the Host

October 29, 2016

EVERARD G STRONG, aka "Don Everardo": Host, Producer, mixologist

Music and booze are almost inseparable, and usually enjoyed best together. And even though there are plenty of podcasts about music and about booze, I haven't found any that actually combined the two - so I started Music and Booze podcast with the goal to entertain, educate, enlighten, and even intoxicate as we delve deep into two of life's simplest pleasures. 

Each episode we will: 
  • talk about upcoming concerts and festivals
  • review new music and booze coming out
  • do some tasting and product reviews
  • interview people involved with the music and/or the booze industries (musicians, bartenders, distillers, brewers, and so on)
  • feature a segment called "Who Sampled Who" where we talk about samples being used and where they came from
  • feature a segment called "the great Cover up" where we feature a cover song and its original version, and ask you which one is better.
  • have a main feature we call "A Pour and a Score." Like matching the best wine to compliment a perfectly seared filet mignon, we look to match up the best song to accompany a selected libation (beer, wine, cocktail, shot, etc...)

 So fill up your glass, find a comfy chair, turn your headphones up to 11, strap in, chill out, and rock on!

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